Glass magnet - Hibiscus

Domed glass magnet, the hibiscus flowers of Polynesia.

A 'fridge magnet' is an ornament, often amusing or unusual, attached to a small magnet which is used to 'stick' items such as shopping lists, things to do lists or child art on your fridge door, or simply serves as a decoration.

Many people have a collection of magnets on their fridge doors without really thinking about it. They are one of the most popular souvenirs, they show your friends all the places you have visited, almost like little trophies of your holidays and adventures. There are many different varieties of magnets. They come in all different shapes and sizes and can serve various purposes. Some are bottle openers, photo frames or thermometers... Due to this they can come in all sorts of different materials.

Each magnet has its own unique story that you can relate to, it can become an extremely fun hobby collecting them.

If you are shopping from within the United States and would prefer to pay in dollars, please visit Tahiti Shopping to complete your order with no transfer or exchange fees.

Dimensions : Dia. 2" (approx)

Shipping Details : This product ships from French Polynesia

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